Why PMA?

Pishgaman Memari Arya, PMA, is a multi-core company that has developed a wide spectrum of products and services in the field of ceramic industry, operated by more than a hundred experts. The production of ceramics and porcelain slabs, as well as adhesives and building chemicals, and as a new-brand product the ceramic furniture are the axis of PMA activities in order to build state-of-the-art properties at the present day.

PMA in this respect, supply porcelain ceramic tile façade for high-tech and ventilated surface systems; these products have many uses for the building surface industry—discussed further.

As a matter of fact, PMA plays the role of consultant and designer for customers, developers, mass construction agents and contractors.

These diverse products, considering the imitation of natural materials, and glazed colors as desired allow builders and architects to provide an exhaustive beauty of building facades with items that have high durability and endurance, providing a natural ventilation for the large areas inside in a high-end way.

The employees are all selected from among the elites and graduates of the best universities in Iran and the world, and they are highly-adept at many production and sales procedures and resolving the technical issues all. All the products of PMA are produced in the OEM way and are controlled by the company’s dedicated QC team in the quality assurance package during the production and adjustment stages.

Moreover, PMA Company with thirteen separate working field, and a unique crew of designers and engineers and digital trade brains, always seeks to provide premium products and services to its customers for unique façade building.

The expert team of this organization is among the holders of post-graduate degrees from among the best university graduates from master’s and doctorate degrees, and they are busy doing assigned work in all seasons, offering highly-advisable consultations.

This organization with its twenty-nine dedicated showrooms and active representatives across the counties of Iran, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Azerbaijan and South Korea are ready to provide premium products and services at the international level.

—We are rooting for you!