Modified cement-based polymer mortar in five colors: white, light gray, gray, dark gray and black, joint Band with increased abrasion resistance.


PMA Strapping Material


: 5 kg JOINT BAND pour into 1.4 – 1.8 liters of clean water. Mortar should be
mixed for 3-5 minutes preferably with a low-speed mixer or a trowel until a homogenous
consistency is obtained. Excess or insufficient amount of water can cause cracking, low
abrasion resistance and colour defects. after first mix wait about 5-10 minutes and let the
combination to rest and thicken, and then again mix it for 1-2 minutes. JOINT BAND should be
spread to the surface and be filled in the joint gaps with a rubber trowel. It should be applied
firstly parallel and then in crosswise direction to fill the joints thoroughly and the excessive
mortar on the tiles should be scraped. When the JOINT BAND fills the joint gap loses its
plasticity, the surface must be cleaned with circular movements with a dampt sponge after 20-
30 minutes depending on the ambient temperature (This period may be shortened during the
application of highly absorptive coating material joint, under direct sunlight and windy
ambient). Any residual powdery haze should be cleaned from the surface with a clean dry
cloth. Pot life: max. 1 hour. Time required for opening floor to service: 24 hours.


: Ambient temperature is between +5 0
C and +35 0
C. Avoid application
during very hot climatic conditions, strong wind or under direct sunlight. Mortar should be
prepared in the same consistency for applications on floor and wall. During the cleaning, the
sponge must be thoroughly squeezed off, should be light damped, cleaning should definitely
not be done wet. In order to obtain a good performance, especially in hot, dry and windy
conditions, it is recommended to moisten the surface slightly with water a few hours after the
application. Do not apply in conditions, if there is a risk of freezing within 24 hours. Foreign
material should not definitely be added. Should be definitely complied with the recommended
rates and time during the preparation of the mortar. The material that was applied and started
to set should not be added to new mixtures. All tools should be cleaned with water before
drying after the application. Cement based and irritating, use gloves during application. Do not
inhale the dust, prevent contact with the skin and eyes


In dry and moisture-free environment provided that packages will not be opened,
the shelf life is 1 year after the date of production.


5 kg/bag.



Practical and safety recommendations:

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