PMA Primer

Acrylic emulsion-based primer with bond-promoting silica aggregates suspended in dispersion. It enhances the performance and adhesion of mortars to existing ceramics and bonds of render coats over cementitious substrates.


PMA Primer


BONDING PRIMER is mixed before use to eliminate possible settling during transport or storage. BONDING PRIMER is ready to use; dilution doesn’t seem necessary. It should be applied on the whole substrate with a nap roller and brush in equal, complete, and double layers. Ensure that the surface becomes a complete, thin film of product. The minimum waiting time is 1 to 2 hours for the first layer depending upon the environmental conditions and substrate porosity and then apply the second layer. Adhesive mortar or render coat is applied after the second layer is completely dried ( after 24 hours). it is recommended that this be done as quickly as necessary to avoid contamination of the surface or damage to the primed floor.


Does not apply on constantly wet surfaces. Substrate and ambient temperatures must be between 5°C and 35°C. In order to main the surface adherence that BONDING PRIMER will provide, care should be taken not to get dirty during application. Absolutely no foreign materials should not be added. Contact with the skin should be avoided and gloves should be used during application. After application, all tools should be washed with water before drying.


In dry and moisture-free environment provided that packages will not be opened, the shelf life is 1 year after the date of production. Package should be kept tightly closed when not in use and protected against frost.


6 kg plastic bucket


PMA Primer

Practical and safety recommendations:

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