What is Bok Mach Ceramic? Advantages and disadvantages + applications
What is Bok Mach Ceramic? Advantages and disadvantages + applications

What is Bok Mach Ceramic? Advantages and disadvantages + applications

Bookmatched ceramic is a creative installation technique for stone, tile, and ceramics. This method, traditionally used for pairing and installing large stones, involves installing two or four stones in such a way that the designs and patterns on them align and create a visually appealing display. This technique, once predominantly used for marble and mainly in specific areas like walls or countertops that require a more significant visual impact, has now become more common with advancements in cutting technologies and the production of large-size tiles and stones.

Bookmatch Technique for Ceramics

Having touched on what bookmatched ceramic is, let's delve into how this technique is utilized. With advancements in the tile and ceramic industry, designers have adopted the bookmatch technique for installing these materials, leading to more professional and innovative designs today.

However, employing this method in your design requires attention to certain aspects; for instance, considering the cost of bookmatched ceramics and ensuring the use of a professional installer for precise execution.

Using high-quality ceramics with innovative designs not only gives designers and installers more flexibility in their work but also addresses common challenges associated with installing large-size stones.

Additionally, the lighter weight of ceramic pieces compared to stone reduces the overall load on the building and minimizes the risk of detachment and falling due to weight, ensuring a more secure installation.

Benefits of Using Bookmatch Technique

  • Offers a variety of models and designs for more creativity and unique visual effects.
  • Using ceramic bookmatch is generally more cost-effective compared to stone, making it a financially sensible choice.
  • The technique is suitable for slab stones as well, allowing for flexibility in material choice based on preference, availability, and budget.

Advantages of Bookmatch

  • Creates a luxurious appearance in the building environment.
  • Makes the space appear larger.
  • Attracts more attention from viewers.

Disadvantages of Bookmatch

  • Requires time-consuming and specialized installation.
  • Best applied in large spaces for more significant and beautiful effects.

Suitable Environments for Bookmatch Technique

Due to the high costs associated with the bookmatch technique, it's best used in areas where it can be more visible, such as building entrances or lobbies, the floor of the entrance, between floors, behind the TV wall, etc., where there is high traffic.

Important Notes on Bookmatch Technique

Symmetrical designs are highly favored among interior designers and clients for their closer resemblance to natural stones, creating patterns like butterflies, leaves, etc. Generally, bookmatched ceramics are available in various sizes and large dimensions in the market.

It's crucial that ceramics installed using the bookmatch technique be rectified, meaning their edges are cut to prevent any lines from forming on the main design when installed.


This article briefly explained what bookmatched ceramic is and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using this technique for installing tiles and ceramics. Bookmatch essentially involves the symmetrical installation of ceramic pieces to create unique patterns and designs