The Latest Tiles Designs For Hall In 2023 [beautiful models and designs]
The Latest Tiles Designs For Hall In 2023 [beautiful models and designs]

The Latest Tiles Designs For Hall In 2023 [beautiful models and designs]

The Latest Living Room Floor Ceramic Models for 2023

The living room of any home is the most important part and should be designed with the most beautiful and best materials. Nowadays, ceramics are widely used in most buildings as a durable, beautiful, versatile, and long-lasting material.

The living room floor will be elegant and shiny with the use of beautiful ceramics, and they are easy to clean. Using the latest ceramic floor models can make your living room more striking.

In this article, we intend to acquaint you with the latest floor ceramic models used in today's home interior decorations. We will also get to know the models of the most durable and robust ceramics.

Why is ceramic one of the best choices for living room floor coverings?

Today, a variety of materials are used for building floor coverings. The use of wooden parquets and laminates has been prevalent in the interior decoration of various buildings, but the use of ceramics is still more common than other coverings due to various reasons. Ceramics are one of the most versatile, compatible, and durable building materials available in the market.

In addition to being easy to maintain, ceramics offer more aesthetic superiority over other materials in the market. The use of various types of living room floor ceramics is also more common among Iranian architects. But what are the advantages of using ceramics for covering living rooms?

1. High resistance to wear and breakage

Ceramics are one of the most resistant materials used as flooring. This material can withstand daily wear and tear and even very high traffic. Therefore, ceramics are ideal for places with high foot traffic. Additionally, ceramics are less prone to breakage, making them popular in Iranian living rooms.

2. Water-resistant

Ceramic surfaces are non-porous and very smooth and polished, making them suitable for installation in humid areas. You can use water and detergents to clean ceramic floors without worrying about damage or water penetration. This makes cleaning ceramic floors easier and more hassle-free than other floor coverings.

3. Heat-resistant

Ceramics easily withstand heat. They are non-flammable materials and do not emit harmful chemicals in case of a fire. Also, ceramic pieces do not turn black when exposed to fire or high temperatures, which is crucial for making homes fireproof.

4. Long-lasting

Ceramic pieces are very durable and do not deteriorate even after years of use. Even their color and shine do not fade or become dull over time. The color and coating of the tiles remain the same even after prolonged exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Porcelain floor ceramics are a special and modern type of ceramics produced using specific methods. These ceramics, due to the use of special materials and manufacturing processes, are more resistant than regular ceramics. They reflect sunlight due to their higher transparency, which helps maintain their color longer.

5. Stain-resistant

Various types of building floor ceramics do not stain easily, making their care very simple. Ceramics are completely hygienic materials because their smooth and polished surface facilitates easy cleaning and disinfection, preventing the growth of bacteria and other disease-causing agents. Non-porous ceramic surfaces do not stain easily.

6. Easy to clean

Living rooms covered with ceramics are easily cleaned and disinfected. You do not need special chemicals to clean these surfaces. They can be easily cleaned with warm water and regular detergents. For better cleaning, you can even use hard brushes without damaging the ceramic surface.

7. Best choice for underfloor heating

If you plan to add an underfloor heating system in your living room, ceramics are the best choice. They are good thermal conductors and can help quickly warm up the floor.

8. Available in various sizes

The latest living room floor ceramic models are available in various sizes, colors, textures, and designs. Large-sized ceramics in various colors and designs are the latest models for living room floors that are both stylish and easy to install.

9. Environmentally friendly

Ceramics are environmentally friendly materials from production to installation and reuse. Tiles and ceramics are among the most environmentally friendly building materials.

10. High safety

Ceramic pieces are inherently inert and safe, meaning they do not release harmful substances or allergens. Therefore, they are safe for use in homes with small children, elderly patients, and pets.

What points should be considered when choosing a home floor ceramic model?

Ceramics are materials whose choice will significantly affect the overall spirit and energy of the home. Ceramics are meant to cover a significant part of the floor in living rooms or corridors, so they should be chosen to be practical and durable, and aesthetic elements should also be considered in your choice. Do not forget these issues when choosing floor ceramic designs for the building, especially the living room:

  • Floor ceramics are available in both patterned and plain single-color models. One of the most important choices is between these two. If you are interested in patterned ceramics, consider whether covering a large part of the floor with them will cause eye fatigue. Also, if curtains or other living room and living room elements are patterned, forget about choosing busy ceramic models.
  • Using light colors in choosing living room floor ceramics can make the space appear more open and larger. While using dark ceramics can make spaces more cozy and smaller. The color and design of the living room floor ceramics should also be selected based on the color of other interior design elements.
  • Another point to consider when choosing the color of floor ceramics is the color of the walls. It is better for these two elements to harmonize to make the space look more stylish and beautiful.

Types of ceramics for use on the living room floor

There are a wide variety of ceramics for covering the living room and living room floors. We Iranians are used to using carpets and various floor coverings to cover the living room floors and provide warmth with these coverings, but using ceramics along with a piece of carpet creates a modern and very stylish design. But what ceramics are used for the living room floors today?

Granite ceramics

This model of ceramics is one of the most popular ceramic models for living rooms and living rooms. Granite ceramics are made from clay and pigments and patterns are added during the baking process. These ceramics do not use glaze, so their surface is polished and polished using polishing and stone polishing. Various types of these ceramics, such as veined, salt and pepper, and rustic, have many fans.

Mosaic ceramics

These ceramic models have a variety of colors and designs and are made in two models with and without glaze. One of the features of these ceramic models is that their thickness is only a few millimeters. The most common model of these ceramics, which are widely used in various buildings, are 30 by 60 centimeter models.

Porcelain floor ceramics

This ceramic model is one of the modern and new models of ceramics that gives your living room a beautiful look. These ceramics are baked at very high temperatures and are very durable and strong. Therefore, these ceramics have very little porosity and are similar to glass.

The thickness of this ceramic model is more than the common models in the market and is produced and offered in the market in two types of glazed and unglazed. Another feature of this ceramic model is that they reflect light and therefore maintain their color over time when exposed to direct sunlight. The price of porcelain floor ceramics is also higher compared to other models.

What is the latest model of living room floor ceramics?

Choosing a ceramic model for the living room and living room depends primarily on your taste. Many people prefer simple and minimal models or some others prefer busy and three-dimensional models. But there are models that will always be fashionable at any time. In addition, there are some ceramic models that have recently become trendy and can make your living room and living room very striking and stylish. In the following, we will get acquainted with a list of the latest living room floor ceramic models:

1. Simple white ceramics in large sizes

One of the most common and beautiful ceramic models for living room and living room floors is simple white ceramics in large sizes. This combination always works in any house regardless of the size of the living room and the type of decoration and gives you a bright and uniform space. If you have not yet made a decision about the type of decoration and the color of the elements or if you want to deliver a space ready for all decorations to the customer, this type of ceramic is very suitable.

Glossy ceramic models have gained more fans in recent years because they can make the space much brighter and more luxurious by reflecting light.

2. Parquet ceramic model

Another of the latest models of living room floor ceramics is the model of ceramics with a parquet design. The original parquet is very expensive and buying it for the whole house may not be possible for all families. Therefore, using ceramics with a parquet design can bring the same warmth and soul of wood into the house. Of course, ceramics with this design have higher strength and resistance compared to parquet and can be much more practical.

3. Ceramics with a natural stone design

Another new and attractive modern ceramic design is the use of ceramics with a natural stone design. These ceramics can bring majestic natural stone designs into your decoration while shining and durable. These designs are so attractive that they can bring a piece of nature into your home. Ceramics with a natural stone design have high variety and amazing beauty.

4. Diamond, wicker, and zigzag layout

Various models of ceramic layouts in square and rectangular models have also been innovative in Iran in 2023. The 45-degree layout for square-sized ceramics, also known as diamond layout, is one of the best layout models that has recently gained attention again. This ceramic design, if coordinated with the ceramic model of the kitchen, can even make the space of the house a little bigger.

The wicker and zigzag layout, which is used for both square and rectangular ceramics, is done by changing the angle of each ceramic layout. Although this layout model increases the installation time, it can give a special and modern