How to install stone on ceramic
How to install stone on ceramic

How to install stone on ceramic

If you're tired of the ceramic tiles in your home or workplace and want to create some variety or change in the decor without involving construction or demolition, the best idea is to stick stone over the ceramic tiles.

This method of redecorating is very simple and not very expensive because you can make a significant change in your home or workplace without having to remove the existing ceramic tiles.

The process of sticking stone on ceramic tiles is so simple that even an ordinary person can do it. However, to ensure the final result is good and satisfactory, we recommend consulting with professionals in this field. In this guide, we will explain more about this process.

Is it Possible to Stick Stone on Ceramic Tiles?

In most cases, you can stick new and high-quality stones on old ceramic tiles in your home using porcelain adhesive. The main requirement for this process is that the old tiles and ceramics are intact. If the ceramics are broken, sticking stone on them can be difficult or even impossible.

Moreover, the old tiles and ceramics must still be attached to their substrate to stick stones on them. For better results, try to use professional adhesives available in this field. Some building adhesives have better strength and quality than others.

Steps to Stick Stone on Ceramic Tiles

As the first step for sticking stone on old ceramic tiles, you need to ensure the old or worn tiles are in good condition. You also need to make sure these old tiles are still attached to their underlying layer. For example, you can cover intact and unbroken floor tiles with new stone.

If the underlying tiles are damaged, it's better to install porcelain floor tiles instead of sticking stones. Once you are sure of the tiles' condition, you need to ensure the surface underneath is level.

The surface under the stones should not be smooth, so you can use sandpaper or a chisel to roughen it up and remove the smoothness of the ceramic tiles. Then proceed with the following steps:

  • Clean the old ceramic tiles.
  • Choose and purchase the best adhesive available on the market.
  • Apply the adhesive on the ceramic surface.
  • Place the stone on the adhesive.
  • Gently press the stone with a mallet.
  • Fill the gaps between the stones.

What Type of Adhesive Should We Use for Sticking Stone on Ceramic Tiles?

Given that there are many adhesives available on the market, and each has good quality, you can find and choose the best adhesive by consulting with experts. It is better to use either paste or powder tile adhesive, which is not very difficult to use.

You need to mix the contents of the adhesive box with a specified amount of water to create the main paste. It is better to follow the instructions provided on the box to prepare this paste. Remember that for the adhesive to work effectively, you need to follow the steps mentioned on the box correctly.

Final Words In this article, we explained that the best, simplest, and cheapest method to change the decor is to stick new and modern stones on old and worn ceramic tiles. With the help of tile adhesive and modern stones, you can change the appearance of your desired environment.

This method is one of the most popular ways in interior building decoration, which is not very difficult, but you need to be very careful in choosing the right adhesive. If you do not buy high-quality adhesive, you will undoubtedly face problems over time.