Methods for Removing Wall Tiles
Methods for Removing Wall Tiles

Methods for Removing Wall Tiles

Are you looking for a way to refresh the appearance of your home’s walls and facing challenges such as removing wall tiles and needing to renovate them? Removing tiles for redecorating and interior decoration is not always effective, and if not done correctly, it can lead to significant damage and losses.

Therefore, it’s better to become familiar with dynamic methods for better management of renovations and tile removal and gain complete and comprehensive information on this topic before starting. We will review all the information you need for removing and renovating wall tiles in this guide; just keep reading.

Safety Tips for Removing Wall Tiles

The simplest way to change the interior decor and wall tiles is to install new tiles over the old ones. However, some people prefer to remove the old tiles before installing new ones. To do this, certain principles must be followed, with safety being the first priority. Here are the most important safety instructions to follow when removing wall tiles:

Wear Safety Gloves

Using safety gloves is one of the most important principles when installing porcelain wall tiles or any other type of tile. Safety gloves protect your hands from any injuries, allowing you to work without harming your hands.

Wear Safety Glasses

To prevent any potential eye injury while removing wall tiles, you should wear safety glasses. During tile installation and cutting, pieces of tiles or grout may fly into your eyes. To avoid any damage from these, wear safety glasses.

Wear a Safety Helmet

Remember to wear a safety helmet when working at heights. If you are installing tiles above your head, a helmet will protect you from any potential injuries, such as falling tiles.

Wear Safety Shoes

Falling tiles or tile fragments can cause significant injuries to your feet. Wearing safety shoes can easily prevent these issues.

Steps to Remove Wall Tiles

Before discussing the steps to remove wall tiles and replace them with porcelain tiles, you should know that specific tools are required for this task. You will need tools such as a hammer, masonry chisel, broom, vacuum cleaner, and wheelbarrow. Ensure that all these tools are in good condition and not damaged.

After gathering the necessary tools for tile removal, follow these steps to remove and detach wall tiles:

Cover the Furniture

When you start removing wall tiles, it’s best to cover all the equipment and furniture in the area. Removing tiles creates a lot of dust, which can damage your belongings. The best practice is to turn off the ventilation systems, seal the vents, and open the windows to allow the dust to exit quickly.

To protect your kitchen appliances from any potential damage, cover them before starting the work. Wall tiles may come loose and cause significant damage to surfaces during removal. Therefore, cover the sink, toilet, washbasin, and bathtub with paper, plastic sheets, wood, or even cloth.

Remove the First Tile

Removing the first tile is harder than removing the rest because accessing the first row can be challenging. The best way is to start with loose or weak tiles.

By following these steps and safety tips, you can effectively manage the removal and renovation of wall tiles, ensuring both your safety and the success of your project.

Methods for Removing Wall Tiles

If there are no loose or wobbly tiles in the first row, you can use a chisel to break one of the tiles and then remove the rest. Additionally, if your tiles are old and you don’t plan to reuse them, you can use a mallet or hammer instead of a chisel to speed up the process.

Move on to the Lower Rows

Once you remove the first row of tiles, you will have better access to the other rows. To remove the tiles in the next rows, place the chisel under a tile and then tap the chisel with a hammer until the tile comes off the wall. Remember that tiles can have sharp edges when being removed and can fall, so be careful to avoid injury.

Clean the Wall Surface

After removing the wall tiles, it's important to also remove any cement or adhesive left on the wall. The wall needs to be completely clean before installing new tiles. To prevent the floor from getting dirty, lay down plastic sheets or nylon on the ground and collect them after the work is done. This way, all the broken tiles can be easily gathered without needing to sweep or collect them separately. Also, remember to separate sharp tile pieces to prevent harm to stray animals from dangerous debris. Wrap these pieces in cloth before disposing of them.

Buy New Tiles

After removing and cleaning the wall surface, it’s time to purchase new tiles. We recommend visiting the website of Pars Pam Imperio Tile Company before buying tiles and going to various sales centers. This company’s website showcases many high-quality tiles and ceramics in a variety of designs and colors, one of which is sure to suit your taste.

Other Methods for Removing Wall Tiles

We have explained how to remove wall tiles and replace them with new ones, but there are multiple methods to remove tiles intact or with minimal breakage, which we will explain below.

Use Industrial Hair Dryers or Torches

If the tiles are attached with adhesive, you can use industrial hair dryers or torches to remove them. Hold the industrial hair dryer or torch close to the tiles for about 20 to 30 minutes. This will loosen the adhesive, allowing the tiles to be removed from the wall.

Use an Angle Grinder to Remove Tiles

If there are gaps or cracks between the wall tiles, you can easily remove them using an angle grinder. Place the angle grinder between the gaps and cut through the grout to separate the old tiles from the wall.

Use Electric Hammers to Remove Wall Tiles

Electric hammers have tremendous demolition power. If you can't remove tiles from certain areas, you can use these devices. However, electric hammers cannot remove tiles without breaking or damaging them, so use them only as a last resort. Don't forget to follow safety precautions when using an electric hammer.

Remove Loose Tiles by Hand

You can only remove loose tiles by hand. These tiles can be easily separated from the wall with minimal force and without the need for special tools. Remember to wear gloves when removing loose tiles, as their edges might be sharp and could injure your hands.

Final Words

In this article, we aimed to provide comprehensive and practical information on how to remove wall tiles. As you have seen, removing wall tiles and replacing them with new ones is the best method for updating and refreshing interior decor. However, it must be done according to the principles we have explained.