Choosing the Best Tile Color for Your Shop
Choosing the Best Tile Color for Your Shop

Choosing the Best Tile Color for Your Shop

Selecting the best tile color for your shop is a crucial and impactful step in its decoration. Choosing the best ceramics for the store's flooring plays a significant role in its appearance and allure.

For anyone with a business, it's important that the shop floor is always shiny and striking, while also being easy and quick to clean. Therefore, special attention must be paid to the color and durability of the floor tiles and ceramics, as the shop floor is a high-traffic area and frequented by customers. In the design of shop decorations using tiles and ceramics, there is a wide range of types available in various designs and colors.

Experts in the production and design of tiles and ceramics are more aware of the impact of ceramic colors on decoration. Thus, it's advisable to consult with experts in this field before purchasing and to be very careful in selecting the color of these products.

Ceramic floor coverings are known to be the most durable option for stores. Ceramics are not only beautiful and decorative but also have a long lifespan and are easy to clean. The quality and durability of good ceramics will not decrease even with exposure to cleaning agents, allowing for frequent cleaning.

It's preferable for floor ceramics to be matte to provide necessary traction when wet, preventing slips.

Further in this article, we explore more about choosing tiles and ceramics based on color. By studying and considering the points mentioned before purchasing porcelain floor ceramics, you can identify practical and suitable colors for various businesses.

The Role of Color in Tile Selection

Colors have a profound effect on shop decoration. They can create an appearance that makes your store seem smaller or darker in various colors. On the other hand, they can also make your space appear larger. Therefore, it's important to wisely and purposefully choose the best tile color for your shop, keeping the following points in mind:

  • Light tile colors can make the environment appear unusually larger.
  • Dark colors evoke a warmer feel.
  • A variety of colors create stunning effects in the shop design.
  • Neutral colors allow for easy use of various design elements.
  • Bright colors add an energizing and powerful feel to your sales environment.

Best Tile Colors for Various Shops

In countries like Iran, each business and trade unit is recognized by a specific and established color; business owners use the specific color of their profession for the design and decoration of their shop. Therefore, professionals strive to select the best color combination appropriate for their trade.

An attractive and striking color combination should be chosen. For a unique and beautiful decoration, greater attention should be paid to the choice of color combinations, and the selected colors should definitely be coordinated.

For example, if you want to use bright and fancy colors in your shop design, it is recommended to use bright colors along with neutral colors to ensure the store's appearance isn't overwhelming at first glance. Light gray and white are the best choices for coordinating and combining with bright and fancy colors. Or you can choose a specific color spectrum and use colors from this collection as a theme in your store design. For instance, you could consider a brown theme, which is available in shades from cream to light brown and dark brown, for your store's decor.

In some cases, for ceramic decoration, in addition to material and quality, the color of the ceramics affects the price of wall porcelain. Wall porcelain ceramics are also available in glossy versions which, with high light reflection, create an attractive and dreamy space, making them the best choice for some professions.

We will continue to examine the best tile color for shops for various professions.

Tile Color for Food Shops and Grocery Stores

In any environment where food is sold, cleanliness and hygiene are of utmost importance and are prioritized. This rule is no exception in stores and shops selling food items. Therefore, the sales area and placement of food items should be such that customers or viewers can easily notice the cleanliness of the shop, creating assurance and encouraging more purchases. For this reason, in most food stores, the best ceramics for the shop floor are white ceramics.

White ceramics indicate cleanliness and are also easily cleaned and polished in the shortest time. Furthermore, white ceramics in large sizes have the ability to make a small shop appear larger.

Ceramics Suitable for Fast Food Shops

You might have noticed that most fast food shops use red in their design. This color is a well-known and practical choice for fast-food establishments. Based on this, the most suitable and best tile color for such shops is white. White ceramics are easily cleaned with frequent maintenance, showcasing the cleanliness of the shop well and allowing customers to shop with peace of mind.

White is also the best color for combining with red decor. Such a color combination creates a truly stunning beauty in decoration and has an excellent harmony with red.

Best Ceramics for Luxury Shop Floors

For luxury shops, such as antique stores, it's necessary to go beyond and choose more elegant and dazzling colors. In such stores, lighting is very

 important. The decor and display cases of these stores often consist of items in bronze and copper colors. Accordingly, the best ceramics for the floors of luxury shops are considered in special and attractive colors such as beige and dark jade green. With such a color combination, items and products inside the display cases and decor look more prominent and are beautifully presented.

For walls and floors, glossy tiles and ceramics can be used. With these options, the environment's light is enhanced, giving more allure to the items inside the shop. Given that such shops should be chic and unique, it's best to choose the finest type of product without regard to budget and ceramic prices, to have an extraordinarily classic decoration.

Best Tiles and Ceramics for Jewelry Shops

The best tile colors for jewelry shops are beige, cream, and generally light colors in the brown spectrum. As mentioned earlier, light reflection and lighting in such shops are crucial for attractiveness and boosting sales. Lighting and light reflection help highlight and attract the products from various angles, drawing more customer attention.

Therefore, the best ceramics for the floor of a jewelry shop are tiles and ceramics in light and glossy colors. Such ceramics make the store environment brighter and have a greater light reflection, which beautifies the space. Cleaning such products is very easy, and they quickly become clean and shiny in the shortest time.

Final Words

Choosing the best tile color for a shop varies depending on the business field. The color and appearance of tiles and ceramics significantly impact sales and customer attraction. It's recommended to research and select tile colors according to the nature of your work before purchasing.

There are many types of tiles and ceramics available in various colors and designs at prices suitable for different budgets. With informed and targeted selection, you can choose the best product for decorating your shop or business.