Nice and best color of tiles for living room [Guide to the right choice]
Nice and best color of tiles for living room [Guide to the right choice]

Nice and best color of tiles for living room [Guide to the right choice]

Choosing the best color for living room or kitchen floor ceramics can be a difficult task due to the high variety of ceramic colors, as well as the variety in sizes and designs. Individual tastes vary, and so does the budget for purchasing the most beautiful color for living room floor ceramics.

Therefore, when buying ceramics for the kitchen floor, living room, or even kitchen walls, all these factors should be considered. We will also mention some more important points in our guide to choosing the best and most beautiful color for living room floor ceramics to help you make the best choice.

What Color of Ceramic is Suitable for the Floor?

Most people who build or renovate their homes these days use high-quality ceramics in a variety of colors. Due to the popularity of various ceramics and the high variety of designs and colors, buyers often hesitate to choose the best color for living room floor ceramics or other parts of the house. Therefore, we will mention some important points that you should pay attention to when choosing the color of ceramics.

Pay Attention to the Amount of Light in the Area of Use

You might choose the best color for your kitchen floor ceramics based on your taste and be satisfied with your purchase. However, if you do not consider the amount of light in the kitchen, the space may appear dark. Kitchens usually do not have windows. If there is not enough light and you choose dark-colored ceramics due to personal taste, the kitchen space will definitely become dark and small.

However, if you use light-colored ceramics, even if the lighting is not suitable and your kitchen has no windows or openings, the space will appear more pleasant and open. This is because light-colored ceramics reflect even the smallest amount of light and make the environment appear brighter.

Pay Attention to the Size of the Space

If you plan to buy the best color ceramics for different spaces, the size of the space is important. In smaller environments, it is better to use light-colored ceramics. Using dark or black ceramics makes the space appear smaller and more gloomy. If you use light-colored ceramics like white, silver, or cream in a very small kitchen, the space will definitely seem larger.

Pay Attention to the Design of the Ceramics

Sometimes, in addition to buying ceramics for use on the living room or kitchen floor, you need to choose the best color for the kitchen wall ceramics. In these cases, you need to be more careful. If the design of the ceramic work is not chosen accurately and properly, it will not have a pleasant appearance.

For example, if you use patterned ceramics for the kitchen floor, you cannot use busy designs for the wall as well. Especially in small kitchens, using busy designs next to each other makes the space appear smaller.

However, if you choose simple designs for floor ceramics and busier designs for the wall, they are more harmonious. Of course, you should also match these ceramics with other elements in the environment.

Choosing the Right Color for Floor Ceramics

In the previous section, we mentioned points that should be considered when buying floor ceramics to ensure satisfactory results. But now, which of the available colors are better, can black be suitable for living room floor ceramics, or can white be used for kitchen floors? Stay with us as we answer these questions in order.

Black Ceramics

There is no doubt about the beauty and elegance of black. However, choosing black must be done very carefully. Black is somewhat gloomy and can darken the space. So, first, pay attention to the size of the space and the amount of light. In large and well-lit spaces, you can use black ceramics for floor covering.

If all these factors are considered, black is the best color for living room floor ceramics. Otherwise, you should avoid black ceramics. Even using gray ceramics in small places is not highly recommended.

White Ceramics

White color is often appealing to everyone regardless of taste. Because white is a neutral color and harmonizes with all elements in the space. Also, the dimensions of white ceramics and their varied designs have increased their popularity. Therefore, any style of white ceramics you use, especially their glossy versions, will make any environment appear larger.

It can be confidently said that white color can be used in both small and large environments with any lighting conditions. It does not matter whether you have chosen white ceramics for the living room floor or the kitchen; these ceramics are even suitable for the floor of bathrooms.

Gray Ceramics

The gray color is attractive to the younger generation due to its unique appearance and luxury. Therefore, gray ceramics are widely used in modern environments. Even because these ceramics show less dirt or stains compared to white, they have more fans. The neutral nature and compatibility with other colors allow the use of gray ceramics in various spaces.

Cream-Colored Ceramics

Cream color, which is one or two shades darker than white, is considered light-colored ceramics. Therefore, the best color for kitchen ceramics can be cream. Because it harmonizes very well

 with kitchen cabinets or wooden dining tables and chairs placed in the kitchen. Cream color can also make the kitchen space appear larger and increase the light in the environment. For living rooms, the use of cream-colored ceramics is very suitable. Because it easily harmonizes with furniture and home furnishings.

Brown Ceramics

The brown color spectrum has different shades from light to dark. Many people have a special fondness for these colors. Usually, in luxurious buildings, light brown ceramics are used for the floors of living rooms, which look very classic.

Most of these ceramics have a parquet or wood design, creating a special and stylish space. Ceramics with a wood design, inspired by nature for their creation, have energy and warmth. Therefore, these ceramics can be used in environments like living rooms.

Tips for Choosing Kitchen Floor Ceramics

In the previous sections, we provided information for choosing suitable ceramics for the floor. These included environmental light, space size, ceramic color, etc. However, because the kitchen is a place for cooking and should always be clean, you need to be more careful when buying ceramics for the kitchen floor or walls.

  • Everyone chooses the color and design they like based on their taste. For example, some people choose cream or white ceramics, which are light-colored and open up the environment. But some people prefer darker ceramics like brown or gray because white ceramics show stains and grease more.
  • Coordinating kitchen ceramics with other parts such as cabinets, tables, chairs, and decorative items in the kitchen is also important. From this perspective, you cannot match black floor ceramics in the kitchen with dark brown cabinets! Therefore, it is better to choose colors and designs that are attractive and match each other.
  • A kitchen with light-colored cabinets harmonizes both with white ceramics and dark-colored ceramics. But if the cabinet color is dark, you cannot choose dark-colored ceramics for the kitchen floor. Be sure to consider these points when selecting and purchasing ceramics.

Final Words

Suggestions regarding the color of ceramics for living room and kitchen floors were presented in this article. If you need consultation for purchasing various types of ceramics for living room and kitchen floors, please contact our sales experts.