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1060 TECHNOMAX 30 (C2TE S2)

1060 TECHNOMAX 30 (C2TE S2)

Two component, high performance cementitious flexible adhesive with reduced slip and extended open time for ceramic tiles and stones.


Kalekim Ceramic Tile Adhesive


Exterior bonding of ceramic, granite or porcelain ceramics up to 3 meter height. Interior and exterior floor and wall bonding of all types and sizes of ceramic tiles, natural stone, marble, granite, porcelain ceramic, clinker, cotton cementitious renders, cementitious screeds and concrete. Bonding of tiles on places subject to heavy traffic like shopping malls, hospitals, and schools.


Perfect adherence. Highly deformable, resistant to temperature changes. Resistant to all climatic conditions. Can be applied on vertical surfaces even. For bonding of heavy tiles without sagging. Extended open time. Easily trowellable.


Store in dry medium. Do not stack more than 10 bags on top of each other. Liquid component: Store in temperatures 5 °C to 23 °C in original sealed packing.


Powder component: 25 kg multi-ply paper bags, Liquid component: 5.75 lt drums.


1060 TECHNOMAX 30 (C2TE S2)

Practical and safety recommendations:

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