The best type of ceramic for the facade of the building
The best type of ceramic for the facade of the building

The best type of ceramic for the facade of the building

To select the best type of ceramic for building facades, first, you need to determine your project's needs. Are you looking for a ceramic with high thickness and resistance, or do you prefer a lighter ceramic that is easier to install?

Additionally, do you require a specific color and pattern, or do you want to use various colors and designs to create diversity in the facade? After determining your needs, you should pay attention to the technical specifications of the ceramics, including thickness, material, heat resistance, and water resistance. Join us as we discuss the best type of ceramic for facades.

Porcelain Facade Ceramics, Beauty Like Stone

- Porcelain ceramics, made from a mixture of clay or kaolin, quartz, and feldspar, are known for their high resistance and durability. These building materials are suitable for building facades due to their lower dead load on the structure, speed of execution, ease of installation, the possibility of replacing individual ceramic panels, resistance to freezing, weather elements, chemical substances, and UV rays, suitability for high-rise structures, and the ability to procure ceramics with uniform color in large quantities for use on building facades.

Terracotta Ceramics

Terracotta is one of the ceramic models for building facades. The light weight of these ceramics reduces the load on the structure, which can be crucial for specific cases, such as old and historical buildings. Also, these ceramics are easier to move, which can accelerate the installation and renovation process.

Features of the Best Ceramic for Building Facades

The facade of a building is crucial in enhancing its beauty and adding value. Choosing the best building materials for facade work is significant, and one such material is ceramics. But what features should the best ceramic for building facades have? Let's explore:

  • - Easy Cleaning : Ceramics suitable for facades should be easy to clean, as the facade must always remain clean and beautiful.
  • - Resistance to External Factors : Suitable ceramics for building facades should be highly resistant to impact, corrosion, and water penetration, as the facade must withstand various weather and external factors.
  • - Design and Color : Ceramics for facade work should come in a variety of designs and colors to match any design style. This feature is crucial, as the beauty and appearance of the building's facade are very important.
  • - Resistance to Contraction and Expansion : Facade ceramics should not crack due to contraction and expansion or fade under intense direct sunlight.
  • - Low Porosity : Facade ceramics should have low porosity to prevent water penetration. This feature is important as the facade must be resistant to water and moisture.
  • - Compatibility with Climatic Conditions : Ceramics for building facades should be compatible with different climatic conditions, as buildings are located in various areas with different weather conditions.

Final Words

The best type of ceramic for building facades should have high resistance to impact, corrosion, water penetration, and low porosity. They should come in various designs and colors and be compatible with different climatic conditions. They should be easy to clean and not crack due to contraction and expansion.

The beautiful and varied designs on these ceramics will add significant beauty and attractiveness to your building's facade. Always look for the best products from reputable and specialized centers. In doing so, you will be satisfied with your choice and see a beautiful result with a long lifespan. For price inquiries of porcelain ceramics and other types, feel free to contact the numbers available on the website.