Step-by-Step Guide to the String Line Method for Floor Tiling
Step-by-Step Guide to the String Line Method for Floor Tiling

Step-by-Step Guide to the String Line Method for Floor Tiling

One of the most important points to pay attention to during tiling is leveling the floor tiles. Because if the floor tiles are not level, their beauty will not be apparent, and the quality of the work will decrease.

These days, various methods are used to level tiles, with the most popular being the string line method for floor tiling. In this article, we intend to discuss the best method for installing floor tiles, which is the string line method.

Introduction to the String Line Method for Floor Tiling

The string line method has been used for floor tiling from the past to the present. Of course, in the past, simpler tools and equipment such as string were used.

But nowadays, advanced tools like lasers are used. To familiarize you more with these methods, we explain both the string line and laser methods in this section.

String Line Method for Floor Tiling Using String

Using string for tiling was very popular in the past, and some architects and tile setters still use this method. In this method, a specific distance between the floor and the wall is considered first. Then, the two ends of the string are tied at this determined distance, and tiling begins at an equal distance from the string.

Tying the string to determine the distance between the wall and the floor tiling is very practical and improves the final quality of the work. Although this method is practical and simple, it requires high skill and expertise because the string may move during tiling, resulting in an untidy floor tiling.

Nowadays, with the use of new tiles and ceramics and specific adhesives for porcelain tiles, it is better to use newer methods for leveling these tiles. The laser method is a new method that we will introduce in the next section.

String Line Method for Floor Tiling Using Laser

The string line method for floor tiling using laser is very similar to the string method. The difference is that instead of string, a laser is used to determine the specific distance between the floor tiles and the wall.

This method requires a laser device that projects light up to 30 to 50 meters. This device is very suitable for tiling large spaces and is more accurate than the string method. Lasers used for this purpose typically have red or sometimes green light.

With the laser device, the distance from the floor tile to the highest point of the wall is measured by the architect, and a standard size for tiling is determined.

The architect then rotates the laser device to mark around the room walls at the same size. This way, the distance of the floor tiles in each room or hall to the laser line will be uniform. This method is carried out with high precision, and the tile setter must ensure that the beginning and end of each tile align with the laser line.

String Line Method for Floor Tiling Using Sand

In previous sections, we introduced two methods commonly used for tiling floors in halls and bedrooms. However, some parts of the building, such as bathrooms, restrooms, and kitchens, require a different method for leveling the tiles.

This method is known as the sand string line method. The purpose of choosing this method is to prevent moisture from transferring to the lower floors of the building.

Regardless of the type of ceramic used for tiling, for floor tiling in kitchens or restrooms, you must choose this method. Some people use porcelain floor tiles because of their affordable price and use the wet on wet method (damp) under these tiles.

In addition to choosing the best string line method for floor tiling, attention must be paid to the slope of these areas when covering the surfaces of restrooms and kitchens. The slope of these parts of the building should be 1 to 3 degrees, directed towards the drain.

Important Points for Floor Tiling

One of the common methods for covering the building floor is tiling. However, tiling has different methods and requires high experience and skill.

If the floor tiling is not done carefully and meticulously, the result will not be aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, those who work in this field should pay attention to the following points before starting tiling.

Choosing the Right Tile for the Floor

Various tiles are available in the market, suitable for covering the building floor. Given the high variety of these tiles, including color, design, and dimensions, everyone should choose a sample that fits their needs.

Some tiles are matte, while others are glossy. Glossy tiles reflect light better and brighten up the space. The size of the tiles should also be chosen based on the space dimensions.

Choosing the Tile Layout Design

Arranging tiles also has different methods. Some people prefer to install the tiles simply. Others favor diamond, basketweave, or straightforward designs.

Floor Preparation for Tiling

Floor preparation and creating a suitable base for tiling is one of the actions that must be done with great care and attention by experienced individuals. The thickness of the mortar under the tiles should also be appropriate.

Ultimately, leveling the floor tiles must be considered. In this article, we referred to three methods for leveling floor tiles, each used in a specific location.

Final Words

The string line method for floor tiling is done in two traditional ways using string and modern ways using lasers. We referred to both methods in this article and provided information on floor tiling methods for restrooms and bathrooms. If you have any questions or ambiguities about how to install or purchase tiles, you can contact our experts.